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Syros is located in the center of the Cyclades with its capital Ermoupolis. The island developed particularly after 1826, when refugees from Psara, Chios, Crete and Asia Minor were settled. It was a naval, industrial and cultural center of the new Greek state.

The port of Syros is one of the best in Greece and offers a ferry connection with the ports of Kavala, Piraeus, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the Northeast Aegean islands, while Syros National Airport "Dimitrios Vikelas" connects the island by air with Thessaloniki and Athens.

During your stay in Syros, trips within the island are made easy with a rental car from Imperial Car Rental.

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The name Syros is Phoenician and comes from the word Oswras meaning happy.

As evidenced by findings, Syros has been inhabited since Prehistoric times, and during the second millennium BC, it passed consecutively under the control of the Phoenicians, Minoan Crete, the Mycenaeans and the Ionians.

In classical times Syros is part of the Athenian alliance, in 338 BC. subjugates the Macedonians, recovers during the Hellenistic period, decays during the Roman period, integrates with Byzantium, suffers from pirate attacks, passes into the hands of the Latins, is conquered by the Ottomans in 1537, piracy is restricted and commercial traffic is growing.

With the outbreak of the Greek Revolution, persecuted Greeks resort to Syros, developing the economy and culture, making it the industrial and commercial center of free Greece.

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With the emergence of other shopping centers in the early 20th century and the German occupation during the Second World War, the economic activity of the island is affected and its development ceases.

Today Syros has been recovering economically and culturally, with life bending to Ermoupolis throughout the year.

Starting with Ermoupolis and with the rental vehicle from Imperial Car Rental, get to know the cosmopolitan island and its attractions.

In the rustic Ermoupolis and Ano Syros, with the two hills, the Orthodox and Catholic community, the imposing neoclassical and Cycladic alleys, visit the urban district of Vaporia, the 19th century Town Hall in the central square, the famous Apollo Theater, the Hellas Club, the Pallas cinema, the Mansion Empire Mansion. At the beach of Ermoupolis you will find the casino and the imposing 19th century Customs House.

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See the historic industries such as Neorion, Tarsanas and Karnagio, visit the Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis, wander through the alleys of the protected medieval settlement of Ano Syros and admire the panoramic view.

Car rental Imperial Car Rental will make it easy for you to visit the beautiful settlements of the island.

The prehistoric settlements of Kastri and Halandriani will surprise you.

You will be delighted by the villages of the hinterland of Alithini, Episkopi, Ano Manna, Parokopi, Bessa, Hroussa and you will be enchanted by the aristocratic coastal settlements with the crystal clear beaches, such as Kini with the organized beach, Galissas with the stone pier with palm trees and the beach of Galissas, the Phoenix with Kokkina beach, the pine-covered Posidonia or Delagratcia with the imposing neoclassical villas and the elaborate gardens, Ambelos, Megas Gialos, Paradise Vari, Azolimnos.

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More beaches, organized or not, are waiting to be discovered, such as the cosmic Dolphin or the quiet Marmari, Varvarousa, Comitos.

Getting to the northwest of the island with the convenience of Imperial Car Rental, leave the car and walk to the Old Cave and the bay of Letnames, with the inscriptions of the Roman and Byzantine seamen on the rocks.

Discover the charm and secrets of Syros's mansion, exploring it from side to side with the comfort of the car rental service Imperial Car Rental and it will surely conquer you forever.

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